About the IARFC

Founded in 1984 International Association of Registered Financial Consultants IARFC is a non-profit professional association formed to foster public confidence in the financial services profession, to help financial consultants exchange planning techniques, and to recognize practitioners who are truly committed to ethical standards and continuous professional education.

The IARFC simply wants the public to have the best financial advice available. In a world of constant economic, political and social change, consumers engage the guidance of financial consultant to achieve financial security and independence. A qualified, trained, educated, experienced and ethical consultant to guide individuals, families and small businesses is essential. Our mission is to support these professionals in helping their clients attain financial independence and minimize risk.

The IARFC is a professional organization that requires all of its designated and certificant members to meet and document stringent requirements: Experience, Education, Examination, Licensing, Conduct, Ethics, Application and Fees, Continuing Education, Re-Certification.

IARFC Mission Statement

The IARFC will foster and enhance the growth of our association for the benefit of our members and the clients they serve by providing a continuing source of information, education and networking. The organization will strengthen the financial services profession through adherence to and promotion of ethical behavior by our members and a focus on continuing professional education for our members.

IARFC Code of Ethics

I will at all times put my clients interests above my own. I will maintain proficiency in my work through continuing education.

I will abide by both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations applicable to financial planning services.

When fee-based services are involved, I will charge a fair and reasonable fee based on the amount of the time and skill required.

I will give my clients the same service I would give myself in the same circumstances.

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